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Health Challenges 1Choose from over 40 fun and motivating themed health challenges on a wide range of well-being topics that can be personalized for each client. A great way to build momentum towards sustainable lifestyle behavior changes.
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Configure any incentive strategy and allow your population to track any activity or upload data feeds.
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More than a questionnaire
, uses images and graphics as a learning tool to understand risk.
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Award winning
monthly wellness digest/newsletters and useful weekly health tips, recipes and emails.
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Coaching modules, with video learning series (stress, sleep, tobacco, weight, physical activity and more!) Great for reasonable alternative standards.

How it Works

Healthy in 5 Online is a Best Practice Wellness Program Model that can be flexible to evolve with your culture.
We merge our core competency, which is communications that motivate behavioral change with a technology platform to drive engagement. Communication is the most powerful and fundamental human interaction used to positively influence health and well-being. Research consistently shows evidence-based communication programs can increase knowledge, shift attitudes, cultural norms and produce changes in a wide variety of behaviors.

Inspired Perspectives has been delivering meaningful messages as a powerful motivating tool for almost a decade and Healthy in 5 Online is the next level of technology to deliver new levels of employee wellness engagement.

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Attractive and colorful promotional materials along with attention getting and entertaining challenges get your employees inspired.

“My WellSite is a fun, creative and engaging platform to truly motivate our employees to practice healthy behaviors every day! Our employees enjoy the unique challenges and that any activity can be converted into steps for a more universal competitive experience.”

-Wellness Communication Specialist- The Sound Partnership-Tacoma Public Schools


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