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IP delivers well-being solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization. Our expert team can assess your current health and well-being programs, identify gaps, make recommendations for effective strategies, vet new vendors, collaborate with current partners and integrate resources. We will help you set measurable goals, design an incentive program and plan annual wellness programs and communications calendar. 

SUPPORTIVE LEADERSHIP – High Level Strategic Vision / Mission Plan
Craft an operating plan that will act as the road map to guide your efforts and investments. Your wellness plan is your contract. The plan makes the program crystal clear by covering the basics, which provides an executive summary for  senior management review and support.

Once you have your high level vision and mission, create goals and objectives to stay focused. Establish a true plan design for the year with programs, activities, incentives, communication, tracking options and the flexibility to make changes if something isn’t working. 

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“IP provides invaluable insight, collaborates with our other vendors, and helps streamline our strategy to effectively support our growing wellness program.” – Manager of Employee Programs, Crowley Maritime