Communication Centerpiece For Your Successful ProgramIntegrate all your content into one dynamic communication. Promote well-being as a successful marketing campaign!

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Four main reoccurring topics that encompass all elements of well-being to improve life satisfaction and health.
“Inspire to Move”  – Motivating ideas to incorporate more physical activity.
“Nourishing You” –  Healthy eating for mind and body. 
“Health Harmony” – Well-being related concepts such as self-care, stress, mindfulness and work-life balance. 
“Good Decisions” – Touching on a broad spectrum of life issues that can matter significantly when making important decisions, including financial or medical choices.

– Available in any combination of ELECTRONIC or PRINT formats.
– Condensed easy-to-read articles of interest.

– Relevant topics with meaningful messaging that inspire action.
– Attractive graphics to trigger curiosity and interest. 

Personalize your Monthly Digest

– Add your logo or full title/masthead 
– Customize the cover

– Promote relevant programs, benefits and partners (EAP, Incentive Programs, Challenges, Carrier
  Resources etc.) 
– Fully custom content/design
Clients who promote wellness challenges and platform using the digest have 80% more engagement.


Printed Digest on recycled paper. 
*Bulk shipping and individual mailing options available. 


“We chose Inspired Perspectives as our wellness newsletter partner because of the simple yet sophisticated design and easy-to-read dynamic content. The colors are impactful and really pop to get our employees attention. They were easy to work with to incorporate our FIT360 brand and content. The recycled paper combined with an online version is a recipe for a successful green campaign.”

Tom Anderson – Director of Wellness & Work Life Compuware